Thursday, December 26, 2013

6 Steps To Unleashing Your Creativity

As an emerging artist I always wanted to know how the big artist got their creativity. What moved these artist to write that big novel, to sketch that flying machine, to compose that awesome musical piece? What was their  "aha" moment that helped them go from an idea to a masterpiece? Everyone at one time or another has had that special moment. Though many times we don't capture that moment. So I asked myself, "How can I unleash that creative moment"?

Have you had a great idea at night before going to bed and the next day you completely forgot about it? The best ideas for me come always when I least expected. At those times I had wished that I dotted down my ideas. But buy the time I think about it I fall asleep. So relying on my memory to retrieve a great idea the night before was out of the question.

There are a couple of things I started to do to capture that aha moment. I would make sure to have with me at all times a small notebook, so when I do get that idea I will write it down right away. And second I started with what I do best, I wrote a List. Instead of writing a to do list in my planner. I started to write a creative list and you know what, it worked! Here is what I did...

6 Steps to unleashing your creativity:

1- Create your own Creative Space: You could choose to have a creative space. It could be your own studio, be it a room or corner in your house. Within that creative space you can start with having a simple pocket notebook, a journal, a scrapbook, a drawing pad, a photo album, a box, your computer, anything that you can write, draw and file. I for instance have my trusty planner were I dot down my ideas and inspirations.

2- Choose Your Passion: What talks to you? Is your Passion:
Art or Writing or Decorating or Fashion or Music or Sewing or Photography or Movies or Poetry? Choose that one Passion that you want to develop and make it your own. Vintage has been my passion. And so is Art and writing. 

3- Make a list of your Favorite Things: This is a list of your favorite things, people or places that you absolutely love that most describe You. Develop your list as much as you can. And keep your list handy for when you have that oomph moment. Capture that moment and write it down.

Example of Favorite Things from the Sound of Music:
Roses kittens kettles mittens packages ponies streudels bells schnitzel geese dresses sashes snowflakes winters

These are a few of my favorite things: Victorian, Edwardian, Jazz music, Art Deco, Paris, dogs, cafés, hats, cameos, travel, bikes, orchids, bonsai trees, porcelain, trains, butterflies, and black and white designs.

4- Develop your list of Favorite Things: With a few descriptive words using your five senses if possible, describe what you like about that particular Favorite Thing. You can see this with the now more descriptive list of the Favorite Things from the Sound of Music:

Raindrops on roses whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles
warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

I love the Victorian era because of it's elegance and femininity. Jazz music is soothing to me. Dogs are cute, smart, and so lovable. The Orchids delicate smell and designs are out of this world! The Monarch butterflies, was delicately stencils by the best designer ever!

5-Construct your own Inspirational Board: Start adding a two or three-dimensional concept that describes well your Passion and the list of your Favorite Things. You can find inspiration in magazines, the internet, fabric shop, the mall, or even in your own closet. Lets say that your Passion is for Fashion. So you are going to look, find, collect, compile from magazines or bookmark everything that you absolutely love about fashion in addition to your Favorite Things. You will notice that your Passion and your list of Favorite Things is starting to take shape.

I have a photo album where I file images of my passion and favorite things. Also my trusty planner is where I draw and sketch my ideas and designs. My computer is filled mostly with vintage photos of people, places, and things that I absolutely love. 

6-Merge Your Passion & Your Favorite Things: Let’s say you chose Fashion as your Passion and rain as one of your Favorite Thing. You just love the sound, smell of rain, and how it gently falls from the sky and water the roses. Now add your Passion for fashion and rain to the equation. Hmmm a rosy red trench coat with a paisley raindrops pattern, viola! As you think and develop these two concepts you are going to come up with even more ideas of how rain can become a fashion statement.

My Bohemian Girl art Collection was born for my love for cameos, vintage hats, and travel. And the idea for Victoria Lee Jones came about for my love of Victorian and Edwardian times, time travel, vintage shops. and cafés.

Everyone is born creative! So go ahead and unleash your own creativity!

Photo:Library of Congress

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