Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bold Girl / Original Abstract On Canvas

Bold Girl by Victry

Bold Girl

Original Abstract On Canvas
Bold Girl is about a girl meeting the uncertainties of life with conviction and boldness. In the painting Bold Girl has come out of her shell. There she had been since she was born. In that shell she felt safe, and secure. But now that she is not a little girl anymore she has to take on a new venture in life.

  • Date: December 2018 
  • Style: Abstract 
  • Medium: Acrylic & Gesso on Canvas 
  • Dimensions: 20 in x 16 in  
  • Colors: Blue, Black, White, Gold & Silver  
  • Artist: Victry

"Sometimes when we can't see what's deep down in the water, we start to imagine all sorts of things like sea monsters with googly eyes, long tentacles, and sharp teeth. But as soon as the sun reflects the truth underneath the layers of the ocean, we are less afraid, calmer, and crazy enough to jump into that shark infested water! You go Bold Girl! Go!" - Bold Girl Poem by Victry

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