Sunday, December 1, 2019

The African Element / Original Abstract On Canvas

The African Element

Original Abstract On Canvas
The African Element embodies the texture and colors of Africa. The color green, red, black, yellow, and brown all together reminds me of the rich African textiles and designs. I have always had a fascination with exploration and discovery. Recently I found out that some of my ancestors came from Sub-Sahara Africa. I can't wait to one day explore that region!

  • Date: December 2018 
  • Style: Abstract 
  • Medium: Acrylic & Gesso on Canvas 
  • Dimensions: 20 in x 16 in  
  • Colors: Green, Red, Black, White, Yellow & Brown  
  • Artist: Victry

"You are an explorer deep down in the African jungle. It is the turn of the 19th century. You and your team have been in a digging site since early morning. Finally you made a breakthrough! One by one, the artifacts started to peek out from the ground. But then suddenly a dark cloud that brought with it a fierce downpour overtook the camp. Because of the heavy rain the makeshift campsite tent caved in. As a last resort, everyone ran for safety in a nearby cave. The cave was dark and misty. You can hear the sound of the hundreds of bat wings fluttering from different directions. As one lantern after another lit up the cave, colorful drawings started to emerge from its walls. The whole team were giddy with excitement from this newest discovery! Everyone, included yourself, were mesmerized by the raw beauty of the paintings and the story behind it. The walls tells of a story of a civilization that enjoyed a rewarding life. One painting struck your fancy. It was a painting of a salamander. The animal was red in color and it had around it what seemed like yellow, black, red, and green peppers. Then you noticed a lovely scent. You bend down and see a tiny bush. It was a bush of a white African Iris. It's color was breathtaking! Interesting enough next to it was a black pepper bush. You couldn't resist! You plucked out a small pepper. Then you had a bite. And the rest is history." -The Adventure of The African Element By Victry

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